Elegant and Lively Women in Poster Ads


Jules Cheret (1836 - 1932) was a French painter and lithographer who became famous for his poster art. He is often referred as the "father of the modern poster".

He was born in Paris to a family of artisans. Jules Cheret had a very limited education due to the family's lack of finances. In his early teens, he began an apprenticeship as a lithographer where he was influenced by the British technique to poster design and printing. He developed a strong interest in art and painting which led him to take art classes at the Ecole Nationale de Dessin.

In time his work became increasingly popular and his posters which portrayed lifestyles of elegant and lively women, found the appeal of a largely illiterate audience.

In 1895, Jules Cheret created a significant art publication of smaller sized prints featuring the best poster art of 97 Parisian artists. His success inspired a new generation of poster designers and painters which in return, created an industry.

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