The Art Deco Elegance of de Lempicka

Portrait of the Marquis d'Afflito, 1925

Looking to transform any room with streamlined elegance?

Perhaps the work of Tamara de Lempicka is what you’ve been seeking.

Green Bugatti
Tamara in a Green Bugatti

From Paris to America

The Polish art-deco painter, Tamara de Lempicka, was mostly active in Paris France and later in America. Today she is one of the most recognizable art deco painters of her era.

Prints of her paintings are extremely popular sellers in poster art. Apart from portrait painting, she also painted a number of female nudes as well as several still-life's.


The Painter to the Rich and Wealthy

Tamara de Lempicka studied in Paris under Maurice Denis was a French painter and writer and a member of the Symbolist and Les Nabis movements; and Andre Lhote who was very active and influential as a teacher and writer on art and a proponent of Cubism.

She quickly established a reputation as a portrait painter to the rich and wealthy of Paris. Her painting style mixes cubism with a distinctive streamlined elegance.


Better than many other painters, Lempicka embodied the Art Deco design style. Popular for her elegant beauty, she received critical acclaim and became a celebrity socialite in Paris.


In 1939, along with her second husband Baron Kuffner, she moved to America and painted many of Hollywood's stars. But by the 1950s, she began to fade in popularity and for the following years she painted in relative quietness.

Popularity Reborn

Throughout the 1970s-80s there was renewed interest in her artwork and critics began to praise her paintings among the best early 20th century portrait artists as well as an important representative of modern art of the 1920s. Many of Lempicka's paintings are well-know today.

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