Elegantly Lighting Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

outdoor lighting

Lighting your outdoor wedding reception does not have to cost you a lot amount of money as there are plenty other options available for you to elegantly lighten things up.

One of these options is patio string lights which can be purchased at home improvement stores and are rather simple to set up.

You can also find great deals by shopping online; Ebay and Amazon being a great sources for new (in the box) items.

The most common type of string lights are the ones used during the Christmas holidays.

elegant lights

These are tiny bulbs that are housed inside of a clear tube and can be used outdoors. These are usually the least expensive and can be purchased at a great price especially right after the year-end holidays.

There are also other choices available if you don't mind spending a little bit more, like for instance the "Globe Patio String Lights".

string lights

Common lengths come in 25 feet strings with round housing blubs that can be clear or frosted. These create soft elegant lighting. They also come in LED which are a bit more luminous.

Once you find outdoor string lights that you want, you can begin by wrapping them around trees or bushes.

Wedding Reception

If your wedding reception dinner is served outdoors, the lights can add a warm and elegant atmosphere by hanging them above the dinner tables and serving area.

In addition, you can also use them to light up pathways or handrails to give a much more appealing environment.

You can now enhance the elegance and ambiance of your outdoor wedding reception without having to spend a fortune.

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